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EMERGY works together with top industrial corporations such as China Datang Corporation Renewable Power Co Ltd, Total Eren SA, and Power Construction Corporation of China (PowerChina). The relationship with these partners helps strengthen EMERGY’s position in markets where it operates.

In addition, EMERGY has secured project financing from credible lenders, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and other development finance institutions (DFIs) in Europe.

EMERGY continues to seek partners with both technical and financial competence that also share EMERGY’s vision of powering the green future.

Value Creation

EMERGY develops and secures finance for wind power projects which are not only technically robust and financially feasible, but also meet environmental and social standards, such as the Equator Principles.

When EMERGY comes across a project opportunity in an emerging market, its highly experienced team joins hands with local and international advisors to conduct down-to-earth due diligence of the project in its legal, technical, financial, environmental and social aspects. 

Once the due diligence process is completed with satisfactory results, EMERGY will engage in developing the project to the highest international standards to comply with government authorities, international organisations and third-party auditors requirements.

EMERGY continuously communicates with the investors and lenders globally to secure finance for its projects, and selects industry-leading manufacturers and contractors for the construction work.

The persistent pursuit of high standards makes EMERGY projects attractive to the most stringent investors and lenders, and EMERGY contracts only the most acknowledged providers of turbines and construction services. EMERGY makes local projects attractive to international financiers and investors by its transparent practice and environmental and social programmes tailored for the local communities.


EMERGY co-operates with competent partners in developing, constructing and operating wind power projects. 

When looking for a partner, EMERGY not only pays attention to its technical and financial strength, but also sees if it has similar environment, social (E&S) and technical standards as EMERGY. EMERGY wishes to join forces with those with clear E&S awareness, in order to power the green future.

Did you know this about wind?

In Greek mythology, the Anemoi were four wind gods, creating wind from the four compass points.