The company


In the mid-2000s, a group of Norwegian entrepreneurs wanted to devote their efforts in the fledgling renewable industry. NBT AS was thus incorporated in 2004 and soon turned its eyes to the onshore wind farm market.

After several years of endeavors, NBT commissioned Baicheng Wind Farm in Jilin Province. Later the Linxi I and II wind farms was commissioned. The company changed their focus to Europe, and NBT acquired Syvashenergoprom LLC. By the spring 2021 the Syvash Wind Farm was generating electricity having been developed together with Total Eren to 247,5MW, one of the biggest in the country. Due to a reorganization, these wind farms went out of Emergy possession early 2022.

The focus on sustainability was consistently from the start, resulting in the 2019 Sustainable Energy Bronze Award from the European Bank. This was a great honor, and an inspiration to build a world class ESG structure going forward developing E&S management systems according to IFC Performance Standards (Equator Principles) and focus on a professional and active Stakeholder Engagement Programs which we see as our License to Operate.

In 2021 NBT changed their name to EMERGY and embarked on an existing journey building the new brand and strengthen their presence in Southeast Europe.

The EMERGY name was chosen because it:

  • signals a commitment to sustainable and renewable energy
  • gives clear associations with the word energy. Energy of the sustainable and renewable kind, which is the common denominator for all the company`s initiatives.
  • emphasize the focus renewable, sustainable energy in high growth markets

In the beginning of 2022, a reconstruction of the company was carried out. EMERGY emerged founded by new equity and with a pipeline of 2GW by 2025 / 700MW in operation. Our strategy is to develop wind farms in the Southeastern part of Europe that has substantial, largely untapped renewable energy potential. Some regions have begun to exploit these resources, but the renewable energy sector in this area is still in its infancy.

The company has an experienced management team and is addressing the necessity of renewable energy as a company that wants to build a major independent power producer (IPP) for large-scale onshore wind farms, engaging actively in the acquisition and management of unsubsidized assets. With our entrepreneurial spirit we create value for our shareholders through structuring the development and operations. As a part of the reconstructive phase, we are building a strong, diverse team with a shared vision that describe the organization using new technology that enables and supports the company.