Developing wind power in China, Ukraine and
other emerging markets

NBT develops wind farms in emerging markets. The company has offices in Oslo (Norway), Limassol (Cyprus), Beijing (China), Singapore, Kiev (Ukraine) and Karachi (Pakistan). Corporate management and administration is located in Oslo, while the technical functions and procurement are located in Beijing and Singapore.

NBT owns 49% of the 100 MW Linxi wind farm in Inner Mongolia, China. The wind farm is operated in a joint venture with Datang, one of China’s leading utilities. NBT and Datang have a framework agreement for development and construction of up to 1000 MW of wind power in China. In addition, NBT owns 33% of the 49.5 MW Baicheng wind farm in the Jilin province, China. The majority owner is GanttCo China Power Limited.

NBT acquired Syvashenergoprom in Kherson, Ukraine in April 2018. The plan is to construct a wind farm with installed capacity in the range of
250–330 MW.