Ukraine has an attractive feed in tariff for renewable energy and good wind conditions. The Government has developed a strategy to introduce 25 percent renewable energy by 2035, up from around 1 percent today. After a period of investments in primarily smaller wind- and solar projects, a number of large-scale renewable energy project are being constructed. 


In April 2018, NBT acquired Syvashenergoprom LLC, a Ukrainian company operating a 3 MW wind farm and a 250-330 MW wind project under development. The company has been delivering energy under the green tariff since 2011. NBT has also entered into agreements to develop other wind power projects in Ukraine and will continue to look for opportunities as this market matures.


In May 2018 NBT opened an office in Kiev to support project development in Ukraine. After the acquisition of Syvashenergoprom, NBT is well positioned to help Ukraine achieve this target by developing wind projects in this exciting market.


Disclosure of environmental and social impact assessment for Syvash Wind Farm

Subject to Ukraininan legislation and international project finance standards, it is required to disclose the ESIA and EIA on NBTs and EBRDs websites. The information is available by following the links below:


ESIA disclosure

EIA OVD disclosure

The Lake Syvash Wind Farm

The Lake Syvash Wind Farm is located in the Chaplynka district in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine, along the northern shores of Lake Syvash. Currently, there are in total eighteen wind power turbines in operation, consisting of two 600 kW and sixteen 100 kW turbines. The company has leased 1,320 hectares of land on a 49-year lease and has secured a grid connection agreement with Ukrenergo, the Ukrainian transmission system operator. The Company has a license to generate renewable energy under the green feed-in-tariff regime of Ukraine, which is valid until 1 January 2030.